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A little more about myself

My name is Shekinah Faith Davis and I am a Portland Oregon based photographer.

I remember sitting on my roof one beautiful afternoon, reading a book; however, I couldn't concentrate on the book because what was before my eyes was so beautiful! I looked at the sky, painted orange, blue, and purple. I remember thinking, "Wow, God is such an artist, and I want to be like Him". Ever since then, I have had a passion to capture beauty through photography and show others the beauty I so vividly remember; whether that be autumn leaves gliding through the sky, the curious giggles of newborns, crazy graduating seniors, engagement photos or a variety of other moments. I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects, but if I had to categorize my work I would consider my photography to be a combination between conceptual, nature, photojournalistic, and portraiture photography. My goals are to unite others through the capturing of beautiful memories and to point others to the Creator through the portrayal of His creation: nature and mankind. 

Here is a poem I wrote that I believe describes me pretty well! :)

I am the orange, yellow, and red falling from the sky in the fall. I am a willow tree desperately trying not to droop. I am purple, but not from bruising. I am passionate about God and His creation and enamored by His creativity. I am the negative shapes that bring interest to the positive shapes in a painting. I am the frayed paint brush that needs extra care. I am the texture that you would not expect me to be. I am the design that makes no sense, but holds beauty. I am the warm tones and saturation in any photograph. I am the picture frame attempting to capture all the beauty I see around me. I am an artist.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I am loved by Yahweh, not because of the things I have done, but because of Christ who lives within me. I am to die for, just ask Jesus. I am a wanderer eager to arrive at home. I am pursued and desired by the Audience of One. I am mournful, but also joyful. I am awaiting the day I will be embraced by my Savior. I am a bride consumed about the wedding, instead of the groom. I am in awe of God’s mercy and grace. I am taken, have been since before the womb. I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

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