Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Curators of Glory

Curators of Glory 

Can we stop?

Can we stop seeing ourselves as human?
Can we stop defining ourselves by darkness?

Isn’t there more to who we are?
More than tears
More than heartache
More than scars

Why have we stopped looking upward?
Why have we stopped reaching high?
Who taught us to cower in fear?
Who told us to run from the sky?

Could we rewind?
Could we escape the confines?
Untwine the vines that prevent us from rising up

Or will we remain in the night?
Fog blocking our sight
Living in these disguises
Refusing to see what our life is

We are more,
More than the sores covering our faces that have driven us to the floor
More than the lies that we pick up on our way out of the door

We can reach high,
Knowing that there will be a hand to greet ours
That no one can shake or thrust
A song to be sung over us

This is our story
Imperfect, broken and constantly sorry

But we are Holy
Creations of the Creator
Curators of Glory

Can we stop being human? 

The above poem and photograph were inspired by the concept of identity, one that we spent a lot of time discussing in our Art and Christ class. We spoke about the meaning of identity for the Christian artist. What does it mean to be an artist in a secular world, but also a creation of the King desiring to reflect him through your work. We read about countless perspectives and approaches taken by different artists. He heard from guests speakers such as Kurt Simonson and Cory Beals, and traveled to the Mt. Angel Abbey to hear from Brother Andre Love, Museum Curator and Icon Painter. I have learned so much about myself as an artist. I have learned that it is okay to not have it all figured out. I have learned that if I am faithful in my art making, God will find a way to make it reflect Himself. Most importantly I learned that I am a curator of glory and I should live accordingly.  


  1. Nice job reading your poem in class. That was lovely. I also appreciate that you took the time to print and frame your image. It's wonderful to see it in person. I think your image says a lot about community and coming together in the very act of reaching. And yes, its perfectly okay not to have it all figured out. Our job simply seems to be about serving this image, and then the next and then the next. I think you served this image pretty well (-;

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