Monday, May 11, 2015

Naked And Unashamed

The dying and rejuvenating of leaves throughout the year, the double rainbows that come after the rain, the array of colors in the warm sunset: these are the things that inspired me to be an artist. Ever since the age of 15 I have desired to capture God’s beauty through my photography and show it to those blinded by the city lights and man-made objects headed toward decay. There is such beauty all around us, yet we spend the majority of our time staring at a computer or locked up in a room. My goal is to create photographs that make people want to explore nature and praise the Creator. 

However, my biggest desire is to not only draw the viewer’s attention to God and nature, but to remind them of our natural state: One of perfect vulnerability and transparency, one where guilt, shame, and fear of judgment were not a part of the picture. I want for my work to tell a story of what was lost, but also of the redemption that exists and finds us in our present state. 

As Rowan Williams says in Grace and Necessity: reflections on Art and Love, “Art seeks to reshape the data of the world so as to make their fundamental structure and relation visible. Thus the artist does set out to change the world… but to change it into itself”. I want for followers of my work to be reminded of what the earth once was, I want my work to help bring the earth back to its original state, one of harmony, peace, and perfect community. 


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